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4 Important Tree Pruning Methods That Yield the Best Results

4 fundamental tree pruning methods that are easy to do yourself and provide the greatest results

Pruning is an important technique used for tree and plant maintenance. A regularly pruned tree not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also produces more fruit and flowers. Pruning prevents the tree from decay, insects, and disease. It also helps protect the community from damages caused by breaking tree branches. Let us look at four important tree pruning methods.

Raising Prune

  • Sometimes, the trees planted in the city may have a large number of low branches. These branches obstruct vision, as well as hinder the smooth flow of traffic. These branches might break off and cause damage to public infrastructure. To solve these issues, a raising prune method is used.

In this method, the lower branches are cut to limit their growth. This limit thus helps maintain the diameter of the tree cover, while the tree focuses growth on the upper branches. The tree thus gets taller quickly. The lower branches are pruned in steps, instead of removing them altogether. This gradual pruning helps protect the tree from decay and disease as well. Trees that are young and medium-aged can be pruned by this method.

Cleaning Prune

  • This pruning method helps get rid of dead, diseased, and broken branches. The dead and broken branches are at risk of falling and causing not only damage to property but also injuring people. In the event of a severe thunderstorm, these branches can fly into houses and cause financial losses.

If some branches of the tree are suspected to be infected with a disease or are decaying, then a clean prune method will help to effectively stop its spread to the rest of the tree. Sometimes a tree branch may be pruned to discourage insects from causing damage to it. Clean pruning is considered to be the best method for mature trees as it does not cut or damage the live branches.

Thinning Prune

  • Sometimes when a tree isn’t pruned regularly, it may grow to become denser around its edges. This prevents sunlight and air from reaching its inner branches. As a result, the branches near the trunk of the tree become leafless and may appear dead. This does not look aesthetically pleasing.

tree pruning methodsThinning prune method is used to fix this problem. The branches, even if they are living, are cut around the edges of the tree cover. This is a preferred pruning method for trees having a high degree of foliage, stems, and leaves. For best results, consider hiring the services of a professional tree pruning company.

Raising Prune

  • Sometimes a tree may be present close to a building or infrastructure. Its presence may cause potential harm, especially if the tree experiences a strong thunderstorm. To minimize the risk of damage and losses, a raising prune method is used. This method limits the tree’s height and spread.

A raising prune results in the cutting off of all live lower branches below the 45-degree angle. However, not all trees can withstand a raising prune. If the plant is not particularly healthy, a raising prune might cause injury or death to the tree.

  • DIY pruning is not advisable since you have to climb trees up to a certain height to do it successfully. This increases the risk of injury. If you are looking for getting the best care and services for your trees, then get in touch with American Tree Experts Inc today. We are a group of tree experts working in Montclair, New Jersey. Call us today at 973-744-6091 with your pruning and other queries and we will give you an amazing quote for free.

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