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9 Proven Ways to Prevent Diseases in Trees (Part 2)

Learn proven ways to prevent diseases in trees and keep them healthy

Making sure plants are protected from diseases is the main worry for every gardener or farmer. To most people, plants are like children and they take caring for them very seriously. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the type of diseases common in your area and how to best tackle them if the onset occurs. However, since prevention is key, we will look at some more ways to prevent diseases in plants.

Top Ways To Prevent Diseases in Plants

Some more ways to prevent diseases in plants are as follows:

Know Your Seasons and Their Requirements

  • Being mindful of the seasons is very important if you’re going to keep your plants free of diseases. Many disease-causing pests lay their eggs during the winter and they hatch in the spring.

Springtime maintenance is very important for plants and can make a big difference in their health and immunity. Similarly, as seasons change you should know when to trim your plant’s branches and leaves for better growth and flower production etc.

Balance The Garden Soil

  • The soil of your garden plays a big role in determining the nutrients that your plant uses for its growth. A lack of certain nutrients like Nitrogen, Magnesium, Potassium, etc, can cause various diseases.

You also need to make sure the soil is neither too acidic nor too basic. Depending on the type of plants you are growing and the area you live in, you can control soil conditions such as acidity and salinity.

Choose The Right Plants

  • Choosing the right plants for your garden is also very important towards ensuring they do not get infected with diseases. Some plants easily catch diseases and can transfer them to others.

In other cases, some plants strip the soil of its nutrients causing neighboring plants to face various issues like excessive yellowing or weak flowers. Therefore always choose the right plants and place complementing varieties with each other.

Find Ways To Compromise

  • Sometimes, diseases in plants are inevitable and there is nothing you can do about it. If you try to treat the cause too actively, you may ruin the rest of your plants in the process. So where you can ignore the disease simply because it ‘looks’ different but is causing no real harm to your plant’s health, you should look the other way.

Not only will this be easy on your own conscious but it can prevent you from over-tending your garden and causing distress in the plants.

Do Not Over Water or Mulch

  • prevent diseases in treesWhen you are passionate about caring for your plants and protecting them from diseases, it can be easy to water them too much or add a lot of mulch. The general attitude is ‘more is better. However, many plants have very specific watering requirements and too much water can cause them to rot, especially from the roots.

Extremely moist conditions are the perfect breeding grounds for disease. Therefore whatever you do for your plants, make sure it lies within their needs and you do not go overboard. It will save your plants and garden in the long run.

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