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How To Grow The Right Flowering Tree According To Climate?

Learn how to grow the right flowering tree in your garden

Flowers add beauty and charm to a garden. However, flowers on trees have an appeal of their own as they seem to paint the sky with colors. Most people assume flowering trees are limited to delicate climates with an extensive spring season. However, we are here to bring you species that you can grow in your own region to enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers in your garden.

What are Flowering Trees?

  • Flowering trees are any species of trees that produce flowers for reproduction. Their flowering season can last a few weeks to months even depending on the variety you choose to grow. They often are perfect as garden varieties and do not cause much issue when it comes to the pollen season either.

Top 4 Flowering Trees To Grow In Your Area

Some of the best varieties for your garden include blossoming trees. In our following guide, we mention the different soil conditions and requirements for each species so that you can pick one that best suits your climate. This will help you in nurturing your tree and making sure it has a good flowering season.


  • Cherry trees are renowned for their beautiful flowers throughout their short-lived blossoming season. The most common variety to have are the Kwanzan and Yoshino cherry trees. They require USDA growing zones 5-9 with medium moist and well-drained soil.

These trees are medium to large in height and make perfect street trees as well if you want to plant them outside your garden. The flowers range from white to light pink. Although the plants can thrive in the sun, they need to be protected from strong winds.


  • Magnolias are perfect for their strong flowers that offer contrast to the thick dark-green leaves. They grow from USDA 4a-9a zones and require acidic, moist, and well-draining loam to grow in. The flowers range from purple and pink to creamy white.

They often grow up to be 33 feet tall and have lots of flowers during their flowering season. The plant should not be planted in southern exposures as they may blossom too early.


  • grow the right flowering treeDogwood is a flowering tree that not many people know can be planted in their gardens. Not only does the tree have beautiful flowers and berries but it has interesting branching that comes out during winter shedding.

This makes it a decorative tree all year round. It grows in USDA soils 5a-9a in medium wet but well-drained soil. The plant requires full to partial exposure to the sun. It’s a great plant to have in your garden.

Golden Chain

  • If you’re looking for a flowering tree that has more than blossoms in the traditional pink or white colors, Golden Chain is perfect for you. Its hanging yellow flowers pair perfectly with the green leaves, giving a sunny atmosphere to your garden.

The color combination livens up any area and the flower petals often scatter to decorate the grass as well. These trees grow in USDA zones 5-7 with rich moist soil that is often well-drained.

  • To grow the perfect flowering tree in your garden, it is important to maintain favorable soil conditions. At American Tree Experts, Inc. we offer the best services to keep your trees out of harm’s way. Our nutrient management services make sure your trees have the kind of soil they need to thrive. We offer services in Montclair, New Jersey. Call us at 973-744-6091 for a free quote.

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