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7 Do’s and Don’ts Of Cutting Down Big Trees

Here are the 7 things you should and shouldn’t do when you’re cutting down big trees – This will help you finish your project on time

If you are undertaking a tree-cutting project, you must take protective measures for your benefit. Learn more here about the 7 do’s and don’ts of cutting down a big tree.

Do Be Mindful of Using The Right Gear

  • If you’ve decided to cut down a big tree, then the first step is to make a list of equipment that you need. This list must also include safety gear. A list at hand will help you determine if you need to purchase anything before starting work.

Before starting work, it is essential to check your equipment as well. If you are using a chainsaw, make sure that it is working normally. Its blades should not be dull or bent. You should top it up with fuel and oil so that it doesn’t run out until your project is complete.

Do Use A Chainsaw Properly

  • A chainsaw is a very powerful tool, and misuse will result in bodily injury and amputation. It is imperative that you thoroughly inspect your chainsaw before using it. If its blades are dull or bent, then they should be replaced. If it is beyond the point of repair, then it is best to simply call a professional tree pruning service.

It is highly recommended to learn how to use a chainsaw properly, rather than just ‘winging’ it. Hold it steady with both hands, with your thumbs wrapped around the handles. Some older chainsaws kickback, so be ready to hold it down steadily. After cutting down your tree, most people tend to cut the separated branches as well. If you’re cutting a branch, don’t cut towards the ground as it can permanently damage the blades on the chainsaw. If you are cutting through a branch, the chainsaw can become pinched. To free it, simply turn it off and use another branch as a lever.

Do-Follow Local Regulations About Tree Cutting

  • Most places have regulations that prohibit and discourage cutting down trees. It is imperative to check with your local government office to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws. Sometimes, people end up paying hefty fines for violating such laws.

Don’t Lean Your Ladder Against The Tree

  • Experts usually recommend against using a ladder when cutting down a tree. If you are using one, make sure to not lean it against the tree. As the tree is being cut, it can become unstable and shake. This sudden movement can cause the ladder to drop and seriously injure you as well.

Don’t Work Near Power Lines

  • Sometimes a tree may have dead branches that are still connected to the main branch or the main trunk. If your tree is located near power lines or infrastructure then there is a high risk of those branches damaging them.

It is best to call a professional tree pruning service to do this job as any damage caused to the power lines or infrastructure will have to be borne by you. In addition, most states enforce criminal penalties for damaging and interfering with public infrastructure.

Don’t Work Alone

  • cutting down big treesFor a tree cutting project, never work alone. Even if you think you don’t need any help, it is best to have someone around. They can warn you if they spot any tree hazards such as weak branches. They can help avoid mishaps and accidents. In case a mishap does happen, they can quickly call the ambulance to get you medical care.

Don’t Hesitate To Call In Professionals

  • If the tree cutting project seems daunting, or if you’ve never cut down a big tree yourself then don’t hesitate to call in professionals for help.

They have the right tools and expertise at hand, which can not only ensure the tree is felled properly but also save you and everyone else from unintended damage.

If you are worried about cutting down a big tree, then get in touch with American Tree Experts Inc today. We are a professional tree cutting and pruning company, based in Montclair New Jersey. Call us today at 973-744-6091 for a free quote for your tree cutting needs.

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