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A Guide To Tree Removal

Here is the comprehensive guide to tree removal

Whether due to a disease or age, tree removal becomes necessary at some point. However, before removing trees, some essential things need to be considered. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to tree removal for the safest and most professional tree removal process.

Reasons For Tree Removal

  • Tree removal should not be taken lightly. A tree growing for years plays an essential role in the localized environment. Removing a tree affects the local fauna and flora. Therefore, a tree should not be removed unless it becomes necessary. Here are a few situations in which tree removal becomes inevitable.

Partially Damaged Tree

  • Windstorms can partially or fully damage a tree. If a damaged tree is not removed immediately, it can fall and cause damage to property or human life.

Dead Tree

  • A dead tree that has stopped growing is just occupying space. It is better to replace it with a new sapling.

Decaying Tree

  • An unhealthy tree with a decayed trunk or dying trunk and leafless branches should be removed.

Renovations Or Remodeling

  • If the tree is present in a place you are planning to remodel or renovate, removal becomes necessary to clear up the space for the construction.


  • The roots of an old tree expand and grow beneath the property and threaten your property and belongings. Going for tree removal is the best solution in such a case.

Professional Tree Removal Services

  • It is crucial to consult with an arborist and opt for professional services if you are considering tree removal. An arborist will provide information about the tree’s health and the best way to remove it. In addition, an arborist will provide insight into the potential impacts of tree removal on the adjoining properties.

This valuable information can help you avoid property damage and eliminate safety concerns if you plan to remove the tree on your own. Furthermore, an arborist can suggest the ideal equipment for the safest tree removal.

Cost Of Tree Removal

Removal of a large tree is a job that requires professional equipment and expertise to ensure safety. The cost of tree removal depends on the following factors:

  • Size of the tree
  • Type of the species
  • Access to the tree
  • Disposal of the cut-up tree
  • Removal of the tree stump

In addition, the closure of a public accessway or road, local council submission, and the presence of power lines near the tree also affect the cost of its removal. It is best to hire an arborist to collect onsite data to provide a realistic quote for tree removal.

Risks Involved In DIY Tree Removal

  • guide to tree removalTree removal is a complex and risky task that experienced arborists should only attempt with appropriate equipment. A typical suburban gum tree weighs anywhere from 5 to 10 tons. If it falls unsafely, the weight could crush the home or property. Thus, creating chaos and leading to injury or even death. In addition, the branches could fall in an uncontrolled way onto people.

Therefore, managing the slow disassembly of the tree structure is crucial. Professionals start by removing the lower branches first. The trunk is then cut into manageable sections. In addition to chainsaws, the experts also use lifts and cranes to manage and lower the heavy weight of wood to the ground.

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