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Top 5 Fastest Growing Trees For Your Yard

Read on to discover a list of fastest growing trees that improve the appearance of your yard

Not all trees are slow growers, and you don’t have to wait for decades until you can enjoy its beautiful blooming flowers and fruit. Read more below about the top five fastest-growing trees that you should consider planting in your yard. They will add beauty to your yard’s appearance and improve the fertility of the soil and attract a variety of wildlife.

Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia)

  • Rowan is commonly planted in public parks and areas because of its beautiful burnt red autumn foliage. It has a distinct brownish silver bark. When it is fully matured, it grows to be 8-15m in height while its annual growth rate is about 20-40cm. The tree blooms bunches of white flowers during the spring season and then bears orange and red berries.

The fruit is edible and is often used to make rowan jelly. It is full of essential nutrients and is considered a treat by most homeowners. Rowan’s flowers and fruits attract many wildlife and a variety of insects. Caterpillars eat their leaves, while pollen and nectar attract bees and insects.

  • You can expect to see redwing, mistle thrush, and blackbird eating its fruit on a usual summer day. This tree can adapt to a wide variety of soil conditions, but well-drained soil is the perfect fit for it. The beauty of this tree can be enhanced by hiring a professional tree pruning service for regular cuttings.

Alder (Alnus glutinosa)

  • Alder is one of the most popular trees among homeowners for their yard. Its height is about 20cm when fully matured, while its annual growth rate is 60cm. It has a pyramid shape with rounded dark green leaves.

It bears groups of pinecone look-alike fruits that stay on its branches during the winter. Alder is known to increase soil fertility due to its amazing root system. Thus it can increase the overall health of your yard’s plants. In addition to its beautiful appearance, Alder attracts a variety of birds and wildlife.

  • The catkins produced by this tree are a source of food and pollen for bees and birds such as goldfinch and siskin. If you suffer from a pollen allergy, then you should avoid planting this tree. Alder can tolerate both damp and dry soil conditions. If the soil is damp, it can grow to a full tree. However, if the soil is usually dry, it grows into a bush.

Hazel (Corylus avellana)

  • The hazel tree grows to about 10m in height when fully matured and has an annual growth rate of about 40-60cm. The hazel tree produces the famous hazelnuts, which can be used as an important ingredient in many recipes.

The hazel tree attracts woodpeckers, jays, squirrels, wood mice, and bank voles that feast on its nuts. This tree requires regular pruning and care. It is shade tolerant and grows well in well-drained non-acidic soil.

Common beech (Fagus sylvaticafastest growing trees)

  • The common beech tree is famous for its copper-bronze-colored leaves during the winter season. Unlike most other trees, these leaves remain on the branches until the next season when the tree grows new leaves. At maturity, this tree can achieve a height of 40m with an annual growth rate of 30-60cm.

In addition to its appearance, this tree is planted because its seeds attract squirrels and birds. This tree requires well-drained soil and can thrive in direct sun as well as partial shade. However, if the soil is damp or waterlogged, then this tree will not survive.

Silver birch (Betula pendula)

  • The silver birch is known for its uniquely-shaped leaves and their changing color through different seasons. The leaves start as green, turn yellow during pre-fall, and are finally golden in the autumn season. The silver birch can grow to about 15-20m when fully matured, with an annual growth rate of 40cm.

The silver birch produces catkins. The tree attracts a variety of birds for the seeds it produces. It requires sandy and acidic soils to grow properly. It can tolerate a wide variety of environmental conditions and survive well.

  • Effective pruning helps a tree grow properly and adds to its beauty as well. If you want the trees in your yard to look appealing, then contact American Tree Experts Inc today. We are a team of highly skilled tree pruning experts working in Montclair, New Jersey. Call us today at 973-774-6091 and get your free pruning quote.

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