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5 Warning Signs Of A Dead Tree

Here is the list of 5 warning signs of a dead tree as well as precautionary measures to save them

Most homeowners plant trees to improve the overall appearance of their yards and gardens. Growing a tree requires significant care and time. Sometimes trees can get affected by disease and parasites. If preventive measures are taken promptly, then the tree can be saved from being cut. Read here below about the 5 warning signs displayed by a dead tree.

Damaged Leaves

  • The most prominent sign displayed by a dead tree is damaged leaves. Leaves can appear damaged in many ways. They may appear discolored, look shriveled, have abnormal growths or even fall too early. The exact nature of damage varies from tree to tree.

If your tree is in its early stages of the disease, then the damage might not be too apparent for you to notice. The best way to detect whether your tree is dead or dying is to regularly inspect your tree, its leaves, and its branches. You should familiarize yourself with what your tree looks like during normal periods.

  • You can even search for images on Google to know what your healthy tree looks like. Alternatively, you can take a picture of a leaf that you suspect is damaged. You can upload this image on Google Image search and see if your tree is suffering from a disease or not.

Leaves & Shoot Grow Out From The Lower End Of Branches

  • Most botanists believe that diseases in trees often start from the leaves and spread elsewhere. If you notice leaf and shoot growth from the lower end of the branches or at the lower end of the tree’s stem then there is something wrong with your tree.

Tree’s have an energy reserve that they can use for emergencies. The disease is affecting the tree’s ability to grow and flourish. The tree cannot normally grow leaves and shoot. Therefore it starts growing them in other places. This is an attempt by the tree to survive. If certain tree branches are affected by a disease, you can consider hiring a professional tree pruning service to fix this problem.

Decline In Leaf Cover & Shaded Area

  • A tree that has been affected by the disease and pests will lose its leaf cover and shaded area. The general rule of thumb is that if a tree loses more than 30% of its leaf cover then it is beyond saving. The decline in leaf cover can be due to both diseases and parasites and insects.

If this problem is not rectified timely, the tree can die out quickly. This is because a tree needs leaves for photosynthesis that converts sunlight into energy. If you suspect your tree has a declining lead cover, then you should first know what it looks like during a normal spring season. An internet search will help you see this.

  • Next, you should walk about a mile away from your tree and try to see if its leaf cover is appropriate according to its height. If you see through the tree’s leaves, then it means your tree is suffering from a leaf cover decline.

Too Many Dead Branches

  • If you notice too many dead branches on your tree, then it means that your tree is suffering from stress. This stress can be due to disease, parasites, and even insects. This stress is causing the tree to be unable to grow any leaves or branches, thus losing its ability to do photosynthesis effectively. Similarly, if you notice a hole in the canopy, then you should immediately take measures to save your tree.

The best way to determine if your tree has too many dead branches is to position yourself near the trunk of the tree. Next, you have to look up and try to see if all the branches have adequate leaf cover. If they don’t, then you must take preventive measures to save your tree before it has to be cut down.

Leaves Changing Color Too Early

  • warning signs of a dead treeDuring a normal growth lifecycle, leaves change color. They start as light green, become dark green when fully matured, and turn yellow or brown when they are about to fall. Some trees have leaves of different colors and are planted for their ornamental beauty.

If you notice that your tree’s leaves are changing color earlier than they should, then it could be a sign of an underlying problem such as a tree disease. If the tree detects it has diseased leaves, it will attempt to get rid of them. It helps the tree stop the disease at the source and prevents it from spreading to other parts of the tree.

  • Experts recommend hiring a professional tree pruning service to inspect your tree and effectively cut out all the diseased branches. If you are worried your trees are affected by the disease, then contact American Tree Experts Inc today. We are one of the best tree pruning and cutting services in Montclair, New Jersey. Call us today at 973-774-6091 for a free quote.

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