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Why Certified Arborists Are Essential For Tree Risk Assessment?

Learn the secrets only certified arborists know about tree risk assessment

Several trees have extended lifespans. While the signs of disease and risk of falls are often readily noticeable, there are instances where the signs may not be so evident. In addition, the homeowners are unaware of the potential consequences of a tree falling. However, an arborist with a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) has the expertise to assess the likelihood of a complete or partial tree failure and determine the damage’s extent. Read to learn why you should hire certified arborists for tree risk assessment.

Understanding Tree Risk Assessments

  • A certified arborist conducts a tree risk assessment and involves an evaluation of several critical factors. These factors include the condition of the soil, risks to nearby structures if the tree falls, the tree’s overall health, wind exposure, and more. Arborists specializing in tree risk assessment have the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification and training in tree evaluation. The assessment consists of visual inspections and various other tests, including static load tests, the use of strain-sensing technology, digital surveys, and similar techniques.

The arborist determines the risk associated with the tree by using a matrix that considers the likelihood of the tree falling and causing damage to important objects and the extent of potential damage. For instance, the consequences of a small branch falling differ significantly from those of the tree collapsing. After this evaluation, the tree is categorized as an at-risk tree and may need to be mitigated or removed.

At Risk Tree

  • An at-risk tree has a high probability of falling. Arborists categorize trees into four levels based on the likelihood of failure:


  • These trees are highly unlikely to fail, even during severe weather conditions.


  • While these trees could potentially fail, the risk of it occurring is still low and typically limited to abnormal or extreme circumstances.


  • Trees in this category are expected to fail, even under normal conditions, suggesting a significant risk.


  • These trees are on the brink of failure with a high likelihood of collapsing, even without additional external factors or events.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Arborist

Here is how an arborist can save money, stress, and legal troubles.

Accurate Evaluation

  • Arborists provide a precise and confident evaluation. In addition, the standard assessment process reduces the likelihood of errors in evaluation and treatment, protecting against financial losses and potential injuries.

Targeted Treatments

  • Certified arborists have the expertise to recommend treatments that can reduce risk to an acceptable level without removing the tree completely. These measures include targeted pruning or specialized treatments like fungicides, saving you money and preventing the distress of losing a tree unnecessarily. Such interventions can also enhance a tree’s resilience against storm and fire damage.

Legal Protection

  • certified arboristsThe arborists use consistent language in the written report, aligning with legal and insurance terminology. This can prove advantageous in legal cases or insurance disputes resulting from tree-related damage.

If the arborist assessment determines a very low risk, you are less likely to be held responsible. Conversely, a non-standardized risk assessment might not be regarded as reliable evidence in a court.

Clear Communication

  • Professionals communicate the risk effectively in simple language, ensuring you understand the assessment and treatment. This gives you confidence in the arborist’s expertise, eliminating confusion caused by technical jargon or unclear descriptions.

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