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6 Reasons To Avoid DIY Tree Pruning

Avoid DIY tree pruning disasters – 6 reasons to hire a professional

If you have a chainsaw, a set of trimming shears, and a bit of determination, you might have tried DIY tree pruning. However, achieving precision in this task demands professional expertise. Without the essential knowledge, you could unintentionally expose your trees to risks and potential diseases. Let’s discover the common issues associated with DIY tree pruning and learn why you should avoid it.

It Can Lead to Future Risks

  • Maintaining the well-being of trees requires consistent, skillful pruning. Trees left unattended often become weakened, posing potential dangers. Sometimes, strong winds can topple a poorly pruned branch or an entire tree. For instance, while ‘topping,’ the practice of severely trimming a significant portion of a tree’s crown, is believed to enhance foliage, it results in a deformed, unattractive, and severely weakened tree.

Topped trees are more susceptible to diseases and decay, resulting in potential damage or death. Entrusting the task to a certified arborist is the best way to protect yourself, your home, your family, and the tree.

DIY Tree Pruning Involves Significant Risks

  • DIY tree pruning involves using chainsaws, ladders, handsaws, and physically demanding labor. In addition, tree pruning becomes a high-risk activity when you consider working at heights. The U.S. Census Bureau identifies tree trimming as one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. It becomes much riskier when undertaken by an amateur. An industry reported 47 accidents involving property owners attempting tree care in 2012 alone. Tragically, 25 of these incidents resulted in fatalities.

One of the dangers arises from the challenge of differentiating between a decayed branch and a healthy one. Shifting your weight onto a decaying branch can cause it to break, potentially causing significant harm to you and your property. Furthermore, tree pruning involves the use of sharp tools at elevated heights. For instance, a homeowner might try DIY tree trimming using a chainsaw while standing on a ladder. This kind of coordination necessitates special safety precautions unavailable to the average homeowner. Arborists have the tools and safety gear to carry out tree pruning effectively and securely, including safety harnesses, bucket trucks, professional ladders, and more.

Bark Damage Can Lead to Diseases

  • While DIY pruning trees, it’s possible to damage their protective bark accidentally. Tree bark acts as a shield against the elements and disease. Any tears or injuries can open a pathway for the threats. Once the barrier is damaged, diseases can infiltrate the tree. This can be prevented by entrusting the task to professionals.

Excessive Foliage Removal

  • Foliage is a vital element of your tree’s well-being. If too much foliage is removed due to improper tree pruning, the tree may struggle to perform photosynthesis, hindering its ability to obtain essential nutrients for survival. Removing only about 5 to 10% of the foliage is recommended to prevent the tree from the risk of malnutrition or even death.

Harm to Branch Collars

  • diy tree pruningThe juncture where a tree’s branches meet its trunk is called the collar. Incorrect pruning techniques can make the tree vulnerable to disease and infestations through these collars. Tree branch collars contain specialized cells that aid in the healing process of any tree wounds. If these collars become damaged, it could lead to various issues.

Use Of Blunt Tools

  • While using blunt tools for tree pruning may seem common, it can lead to substantial damage. Pruning activities with unsharpened tools can result in crude or improper cuts. This may tear or shred the bark, consequently causing larger wounds.

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