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5 Spring Tree Care Tips For Healthy Trees

Here is a list of the top 5 spring tree care tips for healthy trees

Spring is a time when gardeners are always on edge to make the most out of their trees. The shift in temperature promotes the growth of new branches and leaves and the blooming of flowers. This is the perfect time to exercise care and help your tree grow healthier.

Why Is Spring So Important To Trees?

  • Spring is important for trees because it gives them the chance to recover from the harsh winters. It is a time of accelerated growth and healing for many trees and is vital for their reproduction as well. You must tend to the needs of your trees during this period as it will influence how strong they grow till the next winter.

Three Phases Of Spring

  • Many gardeners divide spring into three phases. This makes it easier to manage the needs of their tree whilst keeping track of optimum timing to exercise certain tree-care practices. These phases are:

Early Spring

  • Early spring is when the temperatures are changing from cold to moderately warmer. Snow starts to melt and new leaves and stems start to sprout. This is also the time when many pests come out of hiding, and their eggs start to hatch.

Pre-Bloom Period

  • The pre-bloom period is when your tree is consuming the most nutrients from the soil to create flowers to blossom. The prerequisite of this phase is that the dead branches and leaves of the tree should be removed, and the soil should be replenished so there are enough nutrients.

During Springtime

  • This is when spring is in full swing and there is the growth of trees, flowers, and fruit everywhere. You can ideally plant new trees during this period and line existing ones with mulch to preserve moisture in the soil.

Spring Care Tips For Healthy Trees

  • Some of the best things you can do to care for your trees during springtime are as follows:

Inspect Your Trees

  • The first and most important thing that you need to do is inspect your trees. During the winter, many pests may lay their eggs on the bark of trees and inside cracks in the trunks. These eggs will hatch and infest the tree in spring if you do not identify them in time.

Consider Pruning

  • Since spring is the time for growth and rejuvenation, pruning is perfect for this season. Try and cut off dead or dying branches so that new ones can grow in their place. Always consider a proper pruning pattern so that your tree’s structure is not harmed.

Get Rid of Weeds

  • Weeds take up nutrients from the soil that trees need during spring for flowering and growth. Weeding the garden and the area around the trees helps remove extra plants exhausting the soil of its nutritional value. It is especially recommended to weed out your garden during spring.

Use Fertilizer

  • spring tree careFertilizing the soil and trees is a must for any springtime gardening. The trees can use the extra nutrients in the soil and it will help them grow better as well. You can consider using mulch to lock in moisture in the soil after April showers to boost growth.

Water Your Trees

  • Although spring may seem like the time when trees don’t need much attention, you need to water them regularly. This is because trees are using up a lot of the soil’s moisture to grow new leaves, branches, and flowers.

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