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5 Trees You Should Never Plant In Your Home Garden

Check the list of 5 trees you should never plant in your garden

There are many landscape trees that look beautiful on their own with bright leaves or mesmerizing flowers and fruits. However, some trees may not be the best option for your home. Some trees come with added maintenance and cleaning, others with allergies and poisonous elements. Therefore, knowing the type of trees to avoid is very important.

Why Should You Avoid Planting Certain Trees in Your Home?

There are many reasons why certain trees do not belong anywhere near your home. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • The tree is messy and very high maintenance.
  • It releases large amounts of pollen and heightens allergies.
  • Sticky sap and falling fruit make it hard to clean the ground.
  • It has a dense shade that prevents grass or other plants from growing.
  • The structure of the tree weakens with time and it becomes a hazard.
  • It is an invasive tree and the roots are bad for the structure of the room.
  • Due to its high water absorption, it’s drying the soil out.

Top Tree Species To Avoid Planting

Now that we have established why it is important to avoid planting certain trees in your home, let’s look at the top five trees that make the list:


  • Mulberry trees have a large canopy that forms a dense shade over the ground. This shade makes it difficult for plants or grass to grow underneath it. It also has a high pollen output along with fruit that easily falls to the ground and rots. This increases insects in your area and makes it hard to clean the floor up. On top of that, the roots may cause damage to pavements or cemented flooring.


  • Eucalyptus trees were initially native to Australia but have been exported to the world because of how fast they grow. These big trees have thick and far-reaching roots that may upset the natural water table of the soil. It is a very high-maintenance tree that sheds bark, has falling seed pods, and has unreliable branches that are prone to falling off. Therefore, you should not plant this tree in your home.

Sweet Gum

  • A general rule of thumb is to stay away from trees that excrete excessive amounts of sap, and the Sweetgum tree is no exception to this. However, the main threat these trees pose is due to their seed pods that are shaped like spiky balls. These seedpods litter the floor during autumn and winter and can get stuck to your clothes and pets. It makes it very difficult to keep the surrounding area clean.


  • trees you should never plantGinko trees are loved for their intense yellow leaves and many find these landscape trees to be desirable. However, the female variety of these trees is a nightmare for any homeowner. They have one of the smelliest fruits that easily fall to the ground and end up rotting. Along with this, there is a lot of shedding that owners have to take care of.

Red Oak

  • Red oaks trees are strong and beautiful in the autumn but their beauty does not belong in homes. These trees face a lot of shedding in autumn when it comes to the leaves and acorns. It also releases allergy-triggering pollen as well. The components of this tree can be especially harmful to cars that are parked underneath it as falling acorns dent the surface.

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