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11 Most Suitable Trees To Plant Near Your Home – Part 1

Here is a list of the best trees to plant near your home

Trees are nature’s gift to us. They are the Earth’s lungs and provide us with so much value in the form of shade, fruit, wood, reducing erosion and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. All trees have different physical characteristics and dietary requirements. Some have thick foliage and offer shade, others bear fruit and some add beauty to the landscape by growing colorful flowers.

If you plan to plant a tree near your house, first determine the purpose you want it to serve. Whether it is to provide shade, add beauty, or privacy to your home. Most trees have a very long life so whichever tree you plan to plant, you will be stuck with it for a long time. Hence, plan and plant carefully.

Listed below are the best pick of trees for a residential property.

Ornamental Trees

  • As the name indicates, ornamental trees have a beautiful appearance and offer much aesthetic value. They bear colorful and fragrant flowers and some have colorful and fragrant barks as well. These trees do not bear fruit and their wood does not have much commercial value as well.

Ornamental trees are not too large so they are perfect for a little yard. Let us take a look at some gorgeous ornamental trees.

Star Magnolia

  • This tree is native to Japan. Its scientific name is Magnolia stellata. Star magnolia has a slow growth rate. It blooms during early spring and gives off beautiful large white and pink flowers. This tree grows up to 1.5 to 2.5 meters tall and spreads up to 4.6 meters in width when fully matured. Due to its small size and beautiful appearance, it is ideal for landscaping near the house.

Japanese Maples

  • This species of ornamental trees are native to Japan, China, Korea, and Russia. However, the soil and climate of the USA are ideal for its growth. Japanese maple is a colorful tree. Its maple-shaped leaves grow in multiple colors such as red, pink, orange, crimson, blood-red, yellowish-green, and different shades of peach and cream. Its thick foliage contrasts beautifully with any scenery.

Callery Pear

  • This is a fruitless tree but it bears beautiful white flowers. Callery pear is a type of pear tree that is native to China and Vietnam. It grows to be 5-8 meters in height and has a round or conical crown. The crown of a fully mature tree is 9-13 meters wide.


  • trees to plant near your homeCrabapple is an ideal fit for small spaces. They grow up to 20 feet and bear pink buds that later grow into beautiful white flowers. White is the most common color, but some crabapple trees bear red, magenta, or pink flowers as well. Flowers have a sweet fragrance that fills the area when they fully blossom.

They bloom during summer and have thick foliage until fall. There are 30-55 different varieties of crabapple trees such of which bear fruit. The fruit ripens from late summer to mid-fall. The edible fruit is red in color and resembles small cherries.


  • It is a large deciduous shrub or a small tree. Also known as Eastern redbud, this tree is native to North America. It blossoms mauve-pink flowers which add beauty to any landscape. The height of the redbud varies between 6 to 9 meters and the crown expands to 8-10 meters in width. This tree blossoms in April and May. in some cultures, the flowers of the tree are eaten both raw and cooked for their healing properties.

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