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11 Most Suitable Trees To Plant Around Your Home – Part 2

Here is a list of ideal trees to plant around your home

Whether you have snoopy neighbors who are always watching you or you are a very private person in general, having large trees with thick foliage is the perfect way to ensure your privacy. These trees act as curtains and don’t let prying eyes monitor your activities. They also offer security from burglars.

If privacy is your major concern, then choose either of the following trees to plant outside your home. These trees create a lush green fence that protects your home from peeping eyes.

Leyland Cypress Tree

  • This is a fast-growing coniferous tree. Leyland cypress is a low-maintenance tree that will develop into a full-grown fence in a couple of years. It acts as a barrier for the property where it is grown. The leaves of Leyland Cypress have a beautiful green color. This tree not only protects the property but also adds beauty and vibrancy to it.

Fully grown Leyland Cypress trees can reach up to 70 feet in height.

Italian Cypress Tree

  • These cypresses are unique in the sense that they expand in vertical dimensions only in an upright columnar shape. Italian Cypress is native to the Mediterranean region but grows well in most climatic regions. Healthy cypress trees approximately grow 3 feet each year. On average, they grow up to 35 to 40 feet in a decade. Even though they don’t expand horizontally when placed closely, Italian Cypress trees form a barricade and ensure your privacy.

Flowering Dogwood Tree

  • This tree is native to Northern America and Mexico. It is a small deciduous tree that grows up to 33 feet in height. Flowering dogwood has thick foliage that covers much space. The dogwood tree bears beautiful white flowers for 1-2 months that add charm to any landscape. The tree grows thick foliage of glossy green leaves during summers while it bears crimson-colored berries in the fall.

Weeping Willow Tree

  • This is a deciduous tree that is known for its arching stems. The stems grow lance-shaped long green leaves. The length of leaves ranges from 3 to 6 inches. The gracefully arching stems and long leaves offer shade and act as a barrier for your home. If Weeping Willow is taken care of and pruned in its formative years, it can grow up to 50 years.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

  • Trees to plant around your homeThese low-maintenance hedges grow in a narrow-pyramid shape. When planted closely, Green Arborvitae forms a defensive boundary that offers privacy and protection for the property. These trees grow up to 15 feet in height and 3-4 feet in width. Arborvitae trees have thick foliage of lush green leaves which adds beauty to the landscape they are planted in.

Nellie Stevens Holly

  • This shrub grows up to 30 feet in height and covers an area of 15 feet in width. Nellie Stevens is a low-maintenance and resilient shrub that can grow under multiple climatic conditions. It grows all year long even during extreme weather. To create a protective barrier, plant 6-8 of these trees in a row, 5-6 feet apart.

Nellie Stevens Holly is covered with thick glossy green leaves. During spring, the trees bear beautiful white flowers. The flowers are inundated with small red berries. This shrub not only offers protection but also enhances the appeal of the landscape.

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