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5 Incredible Benefits of Tree Cabling and Bracing 

Read below the proper ways of tree cabling and bracing and what are their benefits

When it comes to trees, there are many reasons you may need reinforcements. Trees are beautiful to look at but they are also capable of causing damage under certain conditions. Proper tree cabling and bracing make trees safer for everyone around them and can even help you avoid going against state regulations.

Difference Between Tree Cabling and Bracing

  • Although tree cabling and bracing may seem similar, there is quite a difference between them. Tree cabling is mostly done for the upper part of the tree or the canopy. It deals with ensuring the branches are secured and the weight of the crown is well distributed. Bracing is often applied to the trunk or lower part of the tree to prevent damage to its structure. It can be used hand in hand with cabling for better reinforcement.

Signs Your Tree Needs Bracing or Cabling

There are a few signs that confirm that your tree needs cabling and bracing. Routine inspections by a professional can also help you identify when to have your tree’s structure reinforced. Some signs are:

  • Your tree is starting to lean.
  • You notice cracks or splits in the bark.
  • The tree is developing a V-shaped branch growth.
  • Your tree’s crown is growing too heavy.

Benefits of Tree Cabling and Bracing

Some of the most important benefits of tree cabling and bracing are as follows:

Helps Make Hazardous Trees Safe

  • Tree cabling and bracing make your tree less hazardous and generally safer to be around. This is especially true for trees that are leaning as cabling and bracing may prevent them from falling. It also ensures that certain branches that are heavy do not fall off out of the blue.

Lengthens The Lifespan of Your Tree

  • Trees that are under the pressure of a heavy crown or have issues with their structure do not live long. Important parts of the tree either fall off or are disfigured under their weight. This can cause your tree to develop issues and not live as long. Proper assistance in maintaining structure can help prevent this.

Keeps Trees Safe During Extreme Weather

  • Weak trees can be a serious threat during extreme weather. Strong winds or tornadoes may break the tree from its roots and cause destruction to nearby property. With proper bracing, the tree can stay in place even in extreme weather conditions.

Protects Your House From Damage

  • tree cablingCabling and bracing your trees also protect your home from damage. In some cases, trees may grow inclined towards the house, or the place where you park your car might be under a particularly heavy branch. Proper reinforcements help prevent your property from unnecessary damage.

Ensures Tree Structure Remain Intact

  • Sometimes the important structures of the tree like the trunk can begin to crack and bend due to issues in the growth of main branches and the weight of the crown. With popper cabling and bracing you can ensure that your tree’s structure remains intact.

Since cabling and bracing are expensive solutions, you should always have a professional assess whether your tree needs reinforcement or not. This will help you in the long run and will also give you an idea of which type of procedure you should opt for.

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