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Top 9 Tree Cabling Pros and Cons – What You Need To Know

Learn tree cabling pros and cons to understand whether its needed or not

Trees add to the aesthetics of any landscape or home. However, they can also be a threat or danger in some cases. Tree cabling and bracing are effective methods to reduce the hazards of certain trees whilst keeping them in their natural environment.

Pros And Cons Of Tree Cabling

There are some pros and cons associated with the tree cabling process. Read more about them to find out whether your tree should be cabled or not.


Lengthens The Lifespan Of Trees

  • Cabling can help increase the lifespan of a tree by preventing it from falling or having major branches break off. It also helps the tree manage its weight better so it doesn’t develop any bark conditions or crack in places.

Helps Make Trees Safe

  • Trees can be a safety hazard at times if they lean too much or are too heavy at the top. They can fall over at any minute or have a thick branch fall off. Tree cabling ensures that these hazardous trees are made safe by holding the structure together and preventing accidents.

Required For Legal Compliance

  • In some cases, certain trees need to be cabled to comply with local rules and regulations. The fines for not complying with these legalities can mount up a lot. Using tree cabling helps avoid any issues with the authorities in the long term.

A Good Alternative For Pruning

  • In some cases, the tree is not in the right condition or season to be pruned. Early pruning may stunt the tree’s growth and cause issues. Hence, to keep the tree stable till pruning season, it can be cabled so that the structure remains intact till pruning season.

Helps Maintain The Tree’s Structure

  • Lastly, tree cabling can help the tree maintain its structure. This ensures a beautiful and full crown that provides maximum shade without being a threat. It can also strengthen the tree for additional structures like swings and treehouses.


Tree Cabling Can Be Expensive

  • Generally, tree cabling is an expensive procedure that should only be done on trees that are important to a locality or home. You do not want to have this procedure done on a tree that could be removed otherwise without losing anything substantial.

It’s A High Maintenance Procedure

  • tree cabling prosTree cabling is a high maintenance procedure. This is because the tree continues to grow after it has been cabled. This means that it has to be monitored and controlled to ensure the cabling is still effective.

Unprofessional Cabling Can Cause Damage

  • When having a tree cabled, you need to make sure that you hire a professional agency that can properly cable the tree. If the tree is not properly cabled, it can sustain damage to its structure and bark. Therefore it can end up becoming harmful in the long run.

May Need To Be Removed For Pruning

  • When the time for pruning the tree arrives, removing the cabling can be expensive. It puts the entire effort to waste as the materials might not be used up again. Therefore consider how long you need the tree secured before going through with tree cabling.

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