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Top 10 Species of Exotic Trees

Read on to discover the top 10 rare exotic trees

There are over 60,000 known species of trees that exist in the world today. Despite climate change, deforestation, and forest fires, many trees have survived for thousands of years and still thrive today. In this article, we take a look at the top ten rare exotic trees.

Dragon Blood Tree

  • Dragon Blood Trees are only found on an island known as Socotra. Socotra is situated 200 miles off the coast of Yemen and is also known as the jewel of Arabia. This tree has existed for over a millennium and can not be found anywhere else on the planet.

It has an umbrella-like shape, with bare branches growing upwards and having green leaves at their ends. It is called Dragon Blood because it grows in the remnants of a prehistoric forest known as Dragonsblood.

  • The bark and branches absorb humidity and then move it to its roots. This shows that the tree has adapted well to Socotra’s environmental conditions. However, the number of Dragon Blood Trees has rapidly declined due to climate change and deforestation.

If you plant this tree in your yard, you will never have to worry about hiring a professional tree pruning company, as this tree forms a unique umbrella shape.

Baobab Tree

  • The baobab tree is native to central-southern Africa and is instantly recognizable due to its long trunks and unique shapes. In addition, the baobab tree has efficiently adapted to the dry weather by absorbing enough water during the monsoon season.

Baobabs use their trunks as a sponge and store water which is then used during dry periods. Elephants are known to rip Boabab trunks in search of water.

  • In addition to Africa, the Baobab tree grows in Zimbabwe, Limpopo (South Africa), and Madagascar. At night, its flowers give off a sour milky scent that attracts bats.

Its flowers produce nectar which is a source of food for many birds. If you have a pollen allergy, then you should avoid this tree at all costs.

Ginkgo Tree

  • Ginkgo Tree is perhaps one of the unique trees in the world due to its medicinal properties. The oldest Ginkgo tree is 1400 years old and is located within the walls of a Buddhist temple in the Zhongnan Mountains of China.

The leaves of the Ginkgo tree change their color from green to bright yellow every fall. The fallen leaves around the tree present a spectacular sight for visitors. Therefore, it is also sometimes called the Maidenhair Tree.

  • Ginkgo Tree is a living fossil because it is one of the few trees that has existed since the time of dinosaurs.

Kauri Tree

  • exotic treesKauri Tree is known to be one of the strongest trees on Earth. They grow to about 50m in height and 16m in circumference. They are found in New Zealand and have been growing for the past 2200 years.

Kauri forests are known to be one of the most ancient forests on Earth. The oldest tree in this forest is known as Tane Mahuta, the Maori God for forests and birds.

Pando Tree

  • Pando Tree is also known as the trembling giant. Pando Trees grow as a collective colony of males. This colony is a single living organism with a unified roots system and identical genetic markers.

Pando is a word from Latin that means ‘I spread’. Pando trees are the oldest in the world, and their colony is made up of quaking aspen trees.

  • It might be challenging to get your hands on such an exotic tree for your yard. But, if you properly prune and maintain your trees, they are no less than exotic trees. We, at American Tree Experts Inc, offer a wide variety of services for your trees. So call us today at 973-774-6091 and get your quote ASAP!

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