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5 Effective Tips To Protect Your Trees From Insects And Pests

Here are DIY tips to protect your trees from insects and pets

Trees provide several benefits, from beauty and shade to privacy, but only if they are healthy and free from insects and diseases. Danger lurks in every corner when it comes to trees in your yard. So the key is to protect your trees from pests and insects all year round. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Regular Pruning And Trimming

  • Pest infestations and diseases can be prevented through the proper maintenance of trees. Therefore, it is essential to keep your trees trimmed. Regular pruning and trimming allow better exposure to sunlight and promote airflow, which helps protect trees from pests. To prevent the spread of disease, pruning shears should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Alternatively, a solution of one part bleach and one part water can also be used.

After you are done pruning your trees, oil shears to prevent corrosion. The dried-up fruits from the last year may be diseased, so pick them up from the trees or yard. Dead leaves can harbor insect colonies that spread diseases through their spores. So burn the fallen leaves before winter.

Provide Optimal Hydration

  • Optimal hydration is crucial to prevent branches from drying and breaking. Therefore it should not be overlooked. Broken branches pose threats to pest infestations and disease. In addition, they look unattractive and unsafe.

So, water your trees as necessary and add an anti-desiccant spray to supplement your watering routine. During dry weather, when trees cannot absorb enough water from the ground, the anti-desiccant spray helps trees and shrubs retain water.

Tree Wraps And Dormant Oils

  • Harsh weather can damage your trees in several ways. Tree wraps are a great way to protect trees against potential weather and insect damage. Tree wraps eliminate the effects of excess heat while at the same time allowing water and air to flow. The sun’s rays reflect off the snow and cause the tree trunks to crack, a phenomenon known as sunscald. Tree wraps also help protect trees from sunscald.

Protecting your trees from splitting and scalding is essential to help prevent pest infestations. Tree wraps act as a natural barrier against pests. Another weapon in the fight against insects and pests is oil. Spray fruit trees with dormant oils before buds appear. This helps kill insects, their larvae, and eggs. Moreover, these oils also protect delicate shoots and leaves.

Well-Timed Monitoring And Action

  • Another essential tip to prevent pest infestations is regularly monitoring plants and trees. This allows for early detection of insects and pests when their population is low. When the insects have not yet spread to the entire tree, they are easier to eradicate.

Winter is the best time to check for these pests. Observe pitch tubes on the tree trunks. If you find any, remove a piece of bark and see if the area is discolored. If so, the tree may need to be removed. But regularly

Follow Proper Tree Care Practices

  • tips to protect your treesJust by following good tree care practices, you can keep insects and pests away.
  • Remove dead leaves and fruits from the base of the trees.
  • Drought-stressed plants are susceptible to damage, so water them throughout the year.
  • A thick layer of mulch can help prevent weeds and retain moisture.
  • Apply organic matter regularly.
  • Provide extra care to damaged trees.

If you are unsure whether your tree has been infested with a pest, then contact American Tree Experts Inc today.  Our pest control services can help rid your trees of winter pests before their eggs have the chance to hatch in spring. Call us at 973-774-6091 today and let us help you with our wide range of services.

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