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Expert Tips To Prepare Your Trees For Summer Season?

Who can help you prepare your trees for summer season? Expert suggestions and resources

Hot and dry weather can adversely affect your trees, particularly when they are young and growing. However, as humans need protection from hot weather, trees require adequate care during all seasons to grow healthy. This article highlights expert tips to prepare your trees for the summer season.

Practice Proper Mulching

  • One of the best things to preserve your trees from the effects of hot weather is mulching. Applying mulch around the root area helps safeguard the roots from extreme heat and allows moisture retention. This is crucial for supporting the growth of a strong root system. In addition, proper mulching aids water absorption for young trees.

However, using an appropriate amount of mulch is the key to effective mulching. Typically, one layer of 5 to 10-cm thick mulch is sufficient. Furthermore, leaving some space between the tree’s base and the mulch is essential. Finally, add mulch around the tree in a circular shape to discourage pests and diseases.

Observe The Signs Of Heat Stress

  • Proper temperature and shade maintenance is critical for optimal tree care in summer. This is particularly important for young trees as plenty of shade protects them from excessive heat and prevents heat stress. During extremely hot days, watch for the signs of heat stress.

Dropping, wilting, and yellowing of leaves are surefire signs of heat stress. Watering sufficiently will help your trees recover from heat stress if you spot signs of heat stress. Stay mindful of the signs of heat stress to monitor and care for your trees during extreme weather proactively.

Keep Roots And Trunk Safe

  • Healthy roots are integral for maintaining the overall health of a tree. More foot traffic surrounds the trees as homeowners walk around them to get some air during hot summer days. This can expose the roots to damage and insects.

While mulching is one way to create a protective barrier, investing in a substantial barrier is essential if the trees are near a frequently used path. The barrier will additionally help protect the trees from animals. In addition, planting shrubs close to trees provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring a safe distance between people and the tree.

Consider Tree Cabling For Enhanced Safety

  • prepare your trees for summer seasonAlong with hot weather, summer can also bring unexpected storms that risk your trees’ safety. Severe storms can cause the branches to break loose or damage them, creating hazards around the trees. It is advisable to consult a seasoned arborist for appropriate measures to provide additional protection to your trees. Professionals suggest an appropriate course of action for your trees, such as removing dead branches or cabling techniques to secure vulnerable parts of the tree.

Tree cabling and bracing enhance your yard’s safety and reduce twigs and leaves falling during the summer. Tree species such as maples, willows, birches, and cedars are particularly prone to leaf drop. Therefore, cabling effectively allows such species to minimize yard debris. In addition, if you prefer an all-natural Christmas tree, cabling can be an excellent technique to ensure the tree remains secure until the holiday season.

Take action now to prepare your trees for the summer season. Contact American Tree Experts for cabling and bracing services. We offer the best services to keep your plants out of harm’s way. Our experts will thoroughly survey the trees and propose suitable methodologies for bracing plants. Call us at 973-744-6091 to get a free estimate of the services. We operate in Montclair, New Jersey, and nearby areas.

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