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5 Must-Know Tips To Find The Right Tree Care Services

Empower your landscape – 5 must-know tips to fortify your home’s surroundings with expert tree care

Hiring the perfect tree service company is challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for. While professional services can play a significant role in saving your trees and enhancing your landscape, finding the correct service is a task that requires thoughtful considerations. This article walks you through the essential tips for finding the right tree care services for your garden.

Look For Social Proof And Referrals

Although reading online reviews is a great way to determine the reputation of a tree care service, it does not provide complete information. Contact friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors for unbiased, honest discussions about their experiences with tree companies. This will help you better understand the services your potential tree care company offers. Once you select a company, reach out to them by mentioning the referrer to establish a sense of accountability for the company. In addition, once they know you have established expectations, they will strive harder to meet them and ensure they do not disappoint the person who made the referral.

Plan Ahead For Quality Care

  • Book a tree service company that schedules at least two weeks out. This is essential for ensuring quality and reliable service. Companies desperate to fill their schedule sooner may give poor advice, compromising the care they provide to customers. Therefore, feel free to ask the company about their booking availability when inquiring about their service. 

Reputable companies can give you a rough idea of their schedule. Good companies typically keep their schedule 80-90% full, leaving room for emergency and storm damage work. For non-urgent services, expect a waiting period of at least two weeks, indicating a well-managed and professional tree service company.

Commitment To The Long-Term Care

  • Consider a tree service that comprehensively tracks your tree’s well-being and identifies areas needing support. Ask whether they engage in tree planting, as companies prioritizing planting trees demonstrate their commitment to the future. Unlike tree removal or pruning, tree planting may not yield the same profits. 

Hence, those invested in planting genuinely look beyond financial gain and focus on nurturing our environment. Choose a tree service that shares your vision of sustainability and lasting care.

Ensure Proper Insurance Coverage

  • When selecting a tree service provider, confirm the insurance coverage to protect yourself and your property. Here’s what you need to ask:

Liability Insurance

    • Ask the tree service company about their liability insurance, including their aggregate liability coverage and coverage per occurrence. Look for a minimum of $2 million aggregate coverage and $1 million per occurrence for projects involving large trees near your home. This ensures adequate protection, even in cases where the company has previously handled claims.

Errors And Omissions (E&O) Insurance

  • E&O insurance focuses on professional advice rather than the work performed on your property. This coverage protects you if the arborist’s advice leads to unforeseen issues with your tree. For instance, the company tells you that your tree is perfectly safe, but it fails shortly after by a factor that the arborist should have taken care of.

Workers’ Safety Insurance (WSIB)

  • tree care servicesInquire whether the tree service company and its workers are covered under WSIB. Some companies may use subcontractors, making it difficult for homeowners to determine individual insurance coverage. Ask if all workers are covered under WSIB to simplify matters and to ensure proper protection for you and the workers.

In addition, don’t hesitate to request proof of insurance from the arborist during the quoting process. Reputable companies will readily provide the necessary documentation, demonstrating their commitment to professionalism and accountability.

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